24 July 2008


I arrived in Rome early Thursday morning which left a full day for sightseeing, despite my jet lag which hadn't quite set in yet. After checking into the convent (the Casa Santa Brigida in the Piazza Farnese), I tried to orient myself in the city by walking over to the Vatican. After the long plane ride, I really just wanted to walk around and felt that St. Peter’s Square would offer a good introduction to Rome. The Piazza is spectacular and much grander than I had imagined. Pictures don’t convey how enormous the complex is which, even with thousands of people milling around, still felt spacious.
Castel Sant Angelo, just down from St. Peter's

The main street to St. Peter's - Mussolini ruined the intended effect of the Piazza by adding this straight, broad street.

St. Peter's Square

San Pietro!

View from the Basilica back down the street (looking toward Castel Sant Angelo).


Before dinner, I walked to the Pantheon, whose fabulous architecture is enhanced by the fact that the building is open to the public for most of the day and completely free - you could wander in any time you wanted a Pantheon fix, no questions asked.

The Pantheon


The dome and occulus.

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